Did You Know That We Are Wired For Rest?


Rest, it’s one of those four letter words that evokes a lot of varying emotions from people. There’s the exasperated sigh, the faraway gaze of someone in need of rest and also the “what are you, a wimp?” remark from someone that thinks you should just suck it up. But what if I told you that we are actually wired for rest. What would you say then?

Oh, I know, there are too many things to do, places to go and people to see to find time to rest. I get that. I’ve even heard it said from others that they’ll have time to rest when they die, but sweet friend, that is not how God created us.

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Book Review: Jesus Daily 365 Interactive Devotions, by Aaron Tabor, MD


My Thoughts About the Book:

Quick, easy to read and readily available for you to apply to your life right that instant with the interactive devotions. Each day you have an opportunity to connect with others — either online or in person. That’s a really cool aspect to this devotional that I’ve never come across before. There’s a practicality to it that allows the reader to do more than just read it, they actually get a chance to do something too. I also like that unlike most of the devotionals I have or have read in the past, this is one that the men in my life would like as well. Most of the others are geared more to women, but this devotional has a more universal aspect to it which makes it a great gift for anyone in your life. I’ve been enjoying it and I’m pretty sure that you will too! Interested in finding out more about this devotional? Keep reading… 

About the book:

Based on the major themes found on the most active Facebook page in history, JESUS DAILY is a 365-day interactive devotional that goes beyond even the fan page to create a deeper experience and cultural movement that celebrates your redemption in Christ. JESUS DAILY presents a devotional thought but also challenges you to respond to each daily reflection using a variety of social media tools.

JESUS DAILY is a worldwide revolution in how you can connect, share, and worship the Father personally and with other believers.

Here’s a video trailer about the book:

You can purchase a copy here:


About the Author:


Aaron Tabor, MD, started the Jesus Daily Facebook page in 2009. He is the President of Gene Facelift, a gene therapy biotechnology company developing anti-aging and wound healing drugs. Dr. Tabor is a graduate of The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.


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Book Review: Becoming a Spiritually Healthy Family, by Michelle Anthony


My Thoughts About the Book:

Quick, easy to read but powerfully packed with real practical advice on to avoid the 6 dysfunctional parenting styles. Michelle Anthony has written a book that any mom or dad can pick up right this very minute and start to apply the Biblical truths tucked into 191 pages of this book.

What I really love about it is that in each chapter there are steps to get practical, because let’s face it, we can read lots of great stuff, but if we don’t take the time to drill it down into practical steps that we can apply to our lives, then chances are it’s just another book we read that we put up on our shelf. Michelle also takes it a step further and has a “reflect and respond” section at the back of each chapter.

With chapters like these you can jump straight to the topic you want to focus on first (I know I did, I scooted myself right over to the chapter on “Relinquishing Control – For The Micro-Managing Parent”.)

Here’s a list of the other chapters:
– Chapter 1: The Director and the Script – Choosing the Abundant Life
– Chapter 2: The Six Dysfunctions of Parenting – Omitting God From the Scene
– Chapter 3: Kissing The World Good-Bye – For the Double-Minded Parent
– Chapter 4: Free Indeed – For The I-Can’t-Say-No Parent
– Chapter 5: Beyond the Pursuit of Perfection – For the Driver Parent
– Chapter 6: Relinquishing Control – For the Micro-Managing Parent
– Chapter 7: A Time to Bless – For the Criticizing Parent
– Chapter 8: Living a Meaningful Family Mission – For the Absentee Parent
– Chapter 9: Beyond Good Behavior and Chore Charts – For the Spiritually Healthy Family
– Chapter 10: Remember and Celebrate the Abundant Life – Rites of Passage for Our Children

On top of that, she even takes it a step further and helps you in writing a family mission statement, which is something we’ve done in our family over the years.  Moms and Dads, if you’re looking for a great book on taking your family to the next level, then you need to check out “Becoming a Spiritually Healthy Family”. Even though my kids are now “adults”, I’m reading and learning right alongside you even still today.

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About the book:

Becoming a Spiritually Healthy Family: Avoiding the 6 Dysfunctional Parenting Styles (David C. Cook, January 2015)We all want to guide our children into the abundant life that Jesus offers. But when we pursue the more and better that the world offers above our pursuit of Jesus, we fall into dangerous parenting habits. In Becoming a Spiritually Healthy Family, Michelle Anthony unpacks six common dysfunctional parenting styles that we fall into out of habit, lack of attention, or just oversight due to busyness. If you long to show your children Jesus but don’t know how to do it, you’ll find hope in this practical guide to creating a relentlessly grace-filled home that is focused on God as first in charge.Includes Scripture guides, reflection questions, ideas for family rites of passage, and other real life family examples.

You can purchase a copy for yourself here: http://bit.ly/1BSJpxN

 About the author:

Michelle Anthony
 is the vice president of Learning Resources and Family Ministry Architect at David C Cook and the author of Spiritual ParentingDreaming of More for the Next GenerationA Theology of Family Ministry, and The Big God Story. Michelle has graduate degrees in Christian education, theology, and leadership and over twenty-five years of church ministry experience as a children’s and family pastor. She lives in Colorado Springs and loves a good book and a cup of coffee.

Find Michelle online: websiteFacebookTwitter


Disclosure of Material Connection: I received one or more of the products or services mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention it on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

The Secret To Living A Defiant Joy: An interview with Margaret Feinberg


One of my favorite authors, Margaret Feinberg, has been through a brutal fight with cancer and shares the unexpected lessons she discovered along the way in her new book and Bible study Fight Back With Joy.

It’s been inspiring to learn how Margaret has been practicing a defiant joy, and I and thought you might like to get an insider’s look, a sneak peek of the video and read an interview with Margaret.

Preview the 6-Session DVD Bible Study, here.

Your newest book and Bible study, Fight Back With Joy, was born out of your fight with a life-threatening illness. What was your difficult diagnosis, and what has your journey to health entailed?

For the last 18 months, I’ve been battling breast cancer. Breast cancer isn’t just one disease represents thousands of different diseases with their varying components and factors. Being diagnosed under the age of 40 is significant. I’ve been through a brutal year of chemotherapy, radiation, and more surgeries than I can count or want to remember.

Why did you write Fight Back With Joy?

I studied joy for a year and was putting the finishing touches on book on joy—just two weeks from turning it into the publisher, when I received the diagnosis. I had been pursuing and activating joy in my life in the relatively good times, now I had to do it in the midst of darkness, depression, and torturous pain. Through the process, I’ve discovered the breadth, depth, and power of joy—that despite hundreds of sermons and many decades in the church—no one had told me of before.


In Fight Back With Joy book and Bible study, you really push the reader to reevaluate their definition of joy. Why do you think this is so important?

Much of the teaching I’ve heard on joy over the years is oversimplified. I remember those days in Sunday school learning that JOY is spelled Jesus, Others, Yourself. While that made perfect sense at 9 years old, I’ve seen how distorted that can become as an adult.

I see friends who love Jesus but spend so much time pouring into their kids, grandkids and others that their joy looks something like this: jOy.

Technically, it still spells joy, but more than anything, these men and women who are so exhausted, so empty, so running on fumes from pouring into others need to pause and take time to focus on themselves. Laying hold of joy right now will require them to reevaluate for a season and discover the joy that comes with JYo.

I also noticed how most of the definitions of joy define it more by what it isn’t than by what it is. I constantly heard that happiness is based on circumstance but joy is not dependent on circumstance.

Biblical expressions of joy turn out to be far different than what I had been taught. I am now convinced the writers of the Bible would say that, the reason we have joy is because we have great circumstances. If you are a child of God, you are drenched in the grace and mercy of God.

No matter what you’re facing: Your circumstances are better than you think.

If you’re not experiencing joy, perhaps it’s because your definition of joy is too narrow.

On a scale of 1-10, how hard was it for you to write this book and Bible study?

An eleven! This journey has been the most painful experience of my life. And, to share about it requires some vulnerability. Okay, a lot of vulnerability. And, that’s really, really hard. But I feel like I’m finally ready to share what God has stirred in my heart along the way because although cancer has been the most painful journey—it has also been the most joyful. And no one is more surprised than I am.

Pick up a copy of Fight Back With Joy at Amazon or Barnes and Noble today.


They Can Choose To Go Their Own Way


Train up a child in the way he should go,
And when he is old he will not depart from it.
Proverbs 22:6 NKJV

Chances are if you’ve been around any mom of faith then you’ve probably rubbed up against this verse a few times. It’s sort of like the parenting “go-to” verse. It’s a great truth that I’ve clung to many times while raising my boys…but, there’s one part of it that I never fully was able to grasp until now.

Here’s what I’ve been learning on my twenty first year as a mama bear, we can train up them up–but they can choose to go their own way.

Gulp. That one has not been an easy pill to swallow for me. I have crossed all my t’s and dotted all my i’s along this parenting journey and truth be told, I thought I would get to this point and be able to sit back and rest in the fruit of those many years of godly parenting.

Go ahead, you can laugh out loud.
I did too.

Seriously, I just had to stop and laugh at myself for thinking that if you did “all the right things”, or at least tried to, while your kids were growing that you would miraculously end up with these perfect adults and then…ta-da, you’re done.

……….I’m over at the M.O.M. Initiative today talking about this, stop by and take a few minutes to find out what I’ve been learning along the way.

The MOM Initiative LOGO jpeg

The M.O.M. Initiative website exists as safe place to grow as a mother, to gain a better understanding of what a mother is and what a mother does and to foster and support mentor and mentee relationships. Along with practical tips, helpful tools, informative insight on current issues and godly wisdom on just about every aspect of a mother’s life, this website also offers a private chat room where a mom can connect with a ‘virtual’ mentor and find help in times of need.

The primary vision for The M.O.M. Initiative is that it not only be limited to those who enter the four walls of the church, but that it also be used to facilitate mentor relationships in homes for unwed mothers, in low income housing projects, apartment complexes, homeless shelters, prisons, juvenile shelters, schools, hospitals, the mission field and anywhere young mothers can be found. Planning guides for each of these venues will be available in the back of the book.

The M.O.M. Initiative is not just a book. It’s not just a website. IT’S A REVOLUTION!